Paul is available to speak to your professional association or industry group.  His perspective as an entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the evolving remodeling industry, along with his humorous, informative presentations, have made Paul a popular, sought after speaker both nationally and internationally. Most of Paul’s presentations can be customized for your needs, anywhere from 45 minutes to a full day.

Topics Include the Following

How to be a Nice Hard Ass

Many remodelers have a deep need to be liked.  Conflict is NOT why they got into the business so the average remodeler does anything to avoid it, like giving away work for free.  The reality is that the remodeler needs to take responsibility for managing the relationships they have with clients, employees, trade contractors, vendors and others so that the remodeler is the one in control.  How to do this without alienating these people?

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Determine simple practices that rein in unrealistic expectations on the part of those you are  interacting with
  • Set ground rules early in the relationship so that you are successful at the end
  • Say “goodbye” to an employee who really needs to work for your competition instead of you
  • Make it so you are more likely to be in control, instead being controlled by others

The End of the Job IS the Job!

Closing out a job with minimal stress—for both the remodeling company and the client—is easier said than done.  All too often, a company does not have a well thought out system for job closeout, resulting in things like the never-ending punch list.  Is it even possible to close out a job with a lot of stress?  Attend this talk and learn tried and true methods for managing client expectations throughout your relationship, so that the client loves the way you close out their job.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Set up expectations with the client so your company can exceed them
  • Ensure your client has a very clear idea of exactly what “done” means, before the job actually even starts
  • Create a system for handling the final days of the project so that costs are minimized, and you get the results you want
  • Review proven ways to decrease stress at job close out

Design Build Done Right

How does a company take on responsibility for delivering a design that fits a budget and then building the project so the client feels positive about the entire experience?  How can you as a business owner improve your ability to get more signed contracts than if you are working with architects doing competitive bids for free?

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Work with a client to help them manage their scope so it can fit their budget
  • Get started on developing a process that keeps you in control from first call through design and construction
  • Make your business more successful because you will be only doing jobs for clients who think you are the total solution

Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

Often a business plan is created without any focus on the personal goals/needs of the owner.  This talk helps attendees get the order correct, starting with what do you want out of your life and ending with how to have your business help you get that.

Attendees will learn how to:

  •    Create a personal financial plan that addresses one’s life goals
  •    Build a business plan that integrates the owner’s personal plan

The following remodeling business specific topics
can easily be modified for your industry:

How to Make Money By Becoming A Better Leader

An entrepreneur is very skilled at what he does.  Then his life and that of his family becomes sacrificed to his inability to find and work with skilled employees.  How can he have a life that combines both work and family?

Attendees will learn:
Work more productively with others. Do what only you can do to improve your life and your business. Increase the effectiveness of what you do

Hanging Up Your Toolbelt

You start off as a carpenter working by yourself. Sooner than you expected you have more business than you can handle by yourself. How do you deal with all the responsibilities that come with running a business as opposed to being a craftsman?

Attendees will learn:
To decide which hat to take off first. How to delegate effectively and dynamically. How to address the challenges that growing a business creates.

9 Practical Steps for Sales Success

The environment you are in which you are doing business continues to be challenging.  Prospects are afraid of committing, with all the uncertainty in the news.  You find yourself chasing jobs with no assurance you will get them.  How can you sell successfully in these times?

Attendees will learn:

Set yourself apart from your competition. Be able to understand your prospects better. Only be doing proposals for people who want to sign on the dotted line. Create clients for life.

Partners You Need in Good Times and Bad

A remodeling company needs to constantly be marketing.  All too often the advice is to invest in marketing tactics that cost a fair amount of money and produce low returns.  You recognize the need to generate more quality leads but don’t know what else to do but spend the money on these tactics.  What is the alternative?

Attendees will learn: 

Implement marketing tactics that will get you more work, while costing your company very little  money. Be able to establish a marketing program that capitalizes on relationships you and your company already have with a number of different potential “partners”. Watch the money you would have spent on mass mailings, etc., drop to your bottom line to become  additional net profit.

9 Specific Steps to Make Your Company More Attractive to a Potential Buyer

A remodeling company consumes the owner’s attention all day, every day.  Have you ever thought of selling your company?  Have you gotten stuck on how to get from working “in” your business to working “on” your business?  Listen to someone who has done this and was consequently able to see his remodeling company to someone from outside the industry.

Attendees will learn:

Establish a step-by-step process to systematize your company’s approach to doing business. Engage others you work with in helping you get done the work necessary to improve your company’s  approach so it will become more attractive to a potential buyer. Take the steps which will allow you to spend more time away from your company while earning more than you ever thought was possible.

A special topic close to the heart of many small business owners:

Your Marriage and Your Business: How to Make it All Work!

( A special topic close to the heart of many small business owners )

Nina and Paul jointly present this lively, interactive seminar that benefits all couples where at least one spouse faces the challenges of being an entrepreneur. Couples who work together face unique challenges; being together 24/7 can have its drawbacks! When and how do you turn off and on your “work” and “marriage/family” lives? Do you find yourselves talking about work at home and vice versa? Even if you don’t work together, do you find that the entrepreneurial spouse can’t turn work off?

Attendees will learn:
Clear communication skills. How to set boundaries at work and at home. Strategies for living a more balanced life together.

We expand on this topic with our — Couples Retreat
We conduct a 2 day Couples Retreat where we can really cover in depth the issues described above and others that working couples face every day.

The six areas we work on are:
· Getting to know yourself and your spouse
· Communication
· Dealing with Conflict
· Boundaries
· A Balanced Life
· Goal Setting

After each segment we allow plenty of time for you and your spouse to work on and discuss your specific concerns. We choose a nice yet affordable location for the Retreat so you can have the opportunity to relax and reconnect with each other before or after the workshop.