The Remodeling Life:

A Journey from Laggard to Leader

Being a good craftsperson means having skill working with tools and materials. Becoming a good business person entails learning how to manage others and manage information. That remodeling project can be the hardest and most important one you’ll ever do. This book is filled with moving stories and practical advice from a remodeler who made that journey. By following Paul Winans’ advice, you can become the owner of a business that works for you. Select here for the press release of “The Remodeling Life”. 

Paul Winans The Remodeling Life Available on Kindle

"I wish I'd had this book forty years ago when I was starting my own company."

Sal Alfano, remodeling industry writer, educator, and editor

"The Remodeling Life, a good book to read for anyone in any career!"

Iris Harrell, Founder, Harrell Remodeling

"I am grateful that Paul shared his experience so that for many generations his wisdom will be heard."

Tim Faller, Senior Consultant, Remodelers Advantage