On Site Meetings

Is your company stuck?

Sometimes your staff has no idea what the goals are, so how can they work cohesively as a team?  By the end of the session they will have a better understanding of your company culture and will be on the same page, working towards the same goals. On-site meetings are tailored to meet your company’s specific needs.


A proven program to create a greater sense of team
and clarity of purpose for your company

Included are the following:

Two 1-hour phone calls with the company owner and Paul to review concerns and goals for the onsite

  • One call about 2-3 months before the onsite
  • One call about 1-2 months before the onsite

Paul does 15-minute phone interviews with up to 10 of the company’s employees

  • Tell them about Paul’s background
  • Get to know them a bit
  • Describe the onsite agenda
  • Make sure they are reading “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” by Patrick Lencioni
  • Tell them about the Remodelers Advantage Employee Insight Survey
  • Ask them questions about the simple Questionnaire Paul sent to them to fill out and return to Paul
  • The phone interviews occur about 3 weeks before the onsite

Remodelers Advantage Employee Insight Survey distributed to all employees to fill out anonymously

  • This happens immediately after the phone interviews
  • The resulting report is sent to the company owner and Paul
  • The report arrives about 1 week before the onsite

Paul arrives the day before the onsite starts

  • Dinner with the company owner

Day 1, between 11AM-3PM:

  • The company owner takes Paul on a tour of the company office and 2 active job sites
  • Lunch with the company owner
  • Review the RA Employee Insight Survey Report with the company owner
  • Paul is introduced to some of the key employees

Day 1, back at the hotel before 4PM:

  • Paul prepares flip chart information needed for Day 2

Day 1, around 6PM or so:

  • Dinner with the company owner and any key employees the owner might invite

Day 2, from 8AM-4PM or 8:30AM-4:30PM:

  • All day meeting with the entire company in a hotel meeting room

Agenda based on “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team,” with the following (and more) included during the day:

  • Set expectations
  • Review the goals of the onsite per the company owner’s input
  • All attendees share personal history information
  • Review DiSC assessment information and discuss how to communicate more effectively
  • The assessments will be administered as part of the day if the company has not done the assessments previously
  • How to work better as a team programmed exercise (working in small groups)
  • An active problem-solving exercise involving the entire team
  • Paul shares discretely some of the findings from the RA Employee Insight Survey
  • A download of the company’s Strengths, followed by a download of the company’s Opportunities, Weaknesses and Threats
  • 1-3 Opportunities determined to be worked on
  • Paul breaks the attendees into Action Teams, each to create an Action Plan
  • Each Team presents their Plan
  • Discuss what will happen with all this input
  • Review what was learned
  • Closing comments

Day 2, about 6PM:

  • Dinner with the company owner and whomever is invited, if anybody

Day 3, 8AM-1PM or so:

  • Review the findings from Day 1 with the company owner
  • Interact with key managers as directed by the company owner
  • Discuss how to create a plan laying out who will be working on what by when
  • Lunch with the company owner

Followup report prepared by Paul and sent to the company owner

  • A frank assessment of the strengths and opportunities of the company, the company owner and some of the employees
  • Arrives about 3-5 days after the onsite

One 1-hour phone call with Paul and the company owner to review the followup report