Our Background

Paul and Nina Winans founded and ran their small remodeling business for 29 years before successfully selling it.  Usually in a small business, the owner or owners wear many hats – salesperson, bookkeeper, receptionist, and, oh yes, producer and/or manager of the actual service provided.  We were no different.  As a service business with great reliance on its owners, a remodeling company is an unlikely candidate to be marketed and sold to Paul and Nina Winansan outside party.

The norm is the firm being passed from one generation to the next, or to a trusted, long term employee.  Yet because of the work we did on our business, not just in our business, our company was sold within seven months of listing. Once we began diligently working on our business and setting achievable goals we didn’t need to be in the office or available 5 days a week, 8 hours a day.  Believe it or not, we were away from the business cumulatively almost 4 months each year!  We were able to take 3 week vacations out of the country with absolutely no contact with the office the entire time.  You can do this too – it’s just a matter of setting goals, instilling culture, and implementing systems and procedures! Our remodeling company was the proud recipient of the 2001 National Remodeling Quality Gold Award – the highest recognition for quality achievement in the remodeling industry. This award recognizes exemplary business practices.  If you need further proof that setting goals and implementing systems works take a look at this quote made in 2001 when we won the award: “In 1998, the company created a ten-year vision of what the company should be and employees are marching there together,” said Ed Caldeira, Director of Quality at the NAHB Research Center.  Our company was sold in 2007, one year ahead of schedule!

Sharing Our Experience

Paul and Nina are deeply committed to promoting a balanced life by sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience with small business owners in all industries.  Both have presented seminars throughout the United States, and also in Canada and Australia.  Additionally, they have had articles published in national trade publications as well as local newspapers.  Because of their ability to achieve a work-life balance, Paul and Nina have also been able to give their time to trade, civic and charitable organizations. While running their remodeling company they were deeply involved with the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).  Both served on the local and national board of directors and were local chapter presidents. Paul ultimately became president at the national level.  Nina and Paul have won numerous awards for their dedication to that industry. Since 2000 (yes, while an owner of our remodeling company) Paul has been a popular facilitator/consultant for Remodelers Advantage, a business improvement and peer group organization.