Paul is available to speak to your professional association or industry group.  His perspective as an entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the evolving remodeling industry, along with his humorous, informative presentations, have made Paul a popular, sought after speaker both nationally and internationally. Most of Paul’s presentations can be customized for your needs, anywhere from 45 minutes to a full day.

Topics Include the Following

Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

Often a business plan is created without any focus on the personal goals/needs of the owner. This talk helps attendees get the order correct, starting with what do you want out of your life and ending with how to have your business help you get that.

Attendees will learn:
How to create a personal financial plan that addresses one’s life goals. How to build a business plan that integrates the owner’s personal plan.

How To Make Money By Becoming A Better Leader

An entrepreneur is very skilled at what he does. Then his life and that of his family becomes sacrificed to his inability to find and work with skilled employees. How can he have a life that combines both work and family?

Attendees will learn:
How to work more productively with others. How to do what only you can do to improve your life and your business. How to Increase the effectiveness of what you do.

People Working Together: Easier Said Than Done!

A small business owner often starts working on his own because he can’t deal with the challenges that come from working with others. Then success happens and the owner can’t do everything himself!

Attendees will learn:
How to use the challenges that come from change. How to work well with others. How to help those you work with be more successful.

The following remodeling business specific topics
can easily be modified for your industry:

From First Call to the Close: A Systems Oriented Approach

This could be an all day program, with all aspects of lead qualifying, estimating (and how to get paid for it!), and proposal preparation and presentation being covered. Attendees are shown the different systems/forms used to help make every step of the way easier.

Attendees will learn:
How to identify those clients who are ideal to work with. How to get paid for proposal preparation services. How to estimate a project with a high level of detail and accuracy. How to present the proposal so it will be signed.

Hanging Up Your Toolbelt

You start off as a carpenter working by yourself. Sooner than you expected you have more business than you can handle by yourself. How do you deal with all the responsibilities that come with running a business as opposed to being a craftsman?

Attendees will learn:
To decide which hat to take off first. How to delegate effectively and dynamically. How to address the challenges that growing a business creates.

Making Money With Change Orders

In many service businesses the original contract is just the beginning. A client starts to add more and more items to the scope of work after the job starts. And the business just keeps on working on the project!

Attendees will learn:
How to use change orders to improve your proposals. How to get paid for preparing change orders. How to have all your employees sell change orders. How to make money doing what your clients ask you to do!

Running Your Business So It Can Be Sold

Drawing on the experiences of he and his wife over the last 10 years or so, when he was gone 4 months every year and their business ran very well, earning them enough money to make the company very attractive to a buyer, Paul explains how they made that all that happen.

Attendees will learn: 
How to create value in a small remodeling company. How to document and implement systems that reduce the company’s dependence on the owner. Key steps to take in developing the business’ ability to operate profitably without the owner’s involvement.

A special topic close to the heart of many small business owners:

Your Marriage and Your Business: How to Make it All Work!

( A special topic close to the heart of many small business owners )

Nina and Paul jointly present this lively, interactive seminar that benefits all couples where at least one spouse faces the challenges of being an entrepreneur. Couples who work together face unique challenges; being together 24/7 can have its drawbacks! When and how do you turn off and on your “work” and “marriage/family” lives? Do you find yourselves talking about work at home and vice versa? Even if you don’t work together, do you find that the entrepreneurial spouse can’t turn work off?

Attendees will learn:
Clear communication skills. How to set boundaries at work and at home. Strategies for living a more balanced life together.

We expand on this topic with our — Couples Retreat
We conduct a 2 day Couples Retreat where we can really cover in depth the issues described above and others that working couples face every day.

The six areas we work on are:
· Getting to know yourself and your spouse
· Communication
· Dealing with Conflict
· Boundaries
· A Balanced Life
· Goal Setting

After each segment we allow plenty of time for you and your spouse to work on and discuss your specific concerns. We choose a nice yet affordable location for the Retreat so you can have the opportunity to relax and reconnect with each other before or after the workshop.