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"I can't tell you what a boost it was to speak with you. You have a particular talent for uncovering what's not said, because it isn't quite conscious, and for setting important guideposts to help us make the right decisions." -- MK


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Are you working 50, 60 or more hours a week?  When was the last time you had a day off?  Do you relax with your family on a regular basis?


Many small business owners pour their hearts and souls into their companies and ignore or forget about the reason they became self –employed – to have control of their time!  It’s easy to slip into the habit of, “No one else can do this as well as I can”, or, “If I do one more task I’ll be that much more ahead tomorrow.”  What happens then is you lose your precious few hours of personal and family time.  There will always be more tasks to complete and yes, no one can do your job better than you; that’s the difficulty of being a small business entrepreneur.  We’re here to help you learn to let go and delegate.  With the appropriate systems, procedures, and most importantly, attitude, you have the ability to cut your work hours and increase your income!


Imagine your business running smoothly without your presence day in and day out.  Planning your business’s course and continually working on your systems and reputation can help make that happen.  Did you realize you have a company culture?  Whether intentional or not, it’s there.  Why not deliberately bring your company culture to life everyday and instill the company’s mission and values in your employees?  They’ll learn and eventually instinctively know the right thing to do even when you aren’t available to make decisions. 


We provide small service business owners the tools to improve work life balance. With you, we focus on the development of your personal goals and the improvement of the systems and procedures of your business.  The result is your company works for you, not the reverse.  Give us a call or go to our contact page to learn more!


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